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Dynamic Facilitation for Local and Global Audiences

With over 20 years of facilitation experience, Inspired Learning has inspired audiences from six
continents. This experience ensures we facilitate workshops that are culturally sensitive to the audience. 

Improving Creativity and Innovative Thinking

More and more companies are seeing the need for improved innovative thinking. Inspired Learning can
help individuals, teams, and organizations to attack problems and improve creativity using the four
staged Accelerated Innovation approach.  We can identify the team strengths in the innovation stages
and give tools for idea generation.  We help clients find more creative and innovative ways of getting
work done.

Program and Curriculum Development

Not all projects require the full range of learning deliverables to be effective. A practical approach
considers the financial and educational needs of clients when devising instructionally sound courseware. 
Making training interesting and interactive is a priority when doing instructional design and curriculum
design. Our experience includes turning existing curriculum into modules suitable for virtual training.