The Essential Guide to Training Global Audiences is available now at
The Essential Guide to Training Global Audiences is a groundbreaking book that offers a
much-needed guide for anyone who must design and deliver excellent learning
experiences for people from a culture other than their own. The book is filled with
proven guidelines for multicultural training, solid techniques for training international
adult learners, and advice for the preparation of culturally sensitive presentations. The
book represents contributions from more than 65 contributors who have made
presentations for some of the leading organizations worldwide.

This guide also contains instructional preferences, recommendations, communication
sensitivities (verbal, written, gestures) that are most appropriate for thirty countries that
represent various regions around the world including Africa, the Americas, Mexico, Asia,
Australia, and Europe. The book also includes targeted suggestions for dealing with
issues of management, translations, in-person and virtual training techniques, as well as
addressing technological, logistical, and physical concerns for over thirty countries.

Written by Renie McClay and LuAnn Irwin.

"McClay and Irwin present insightful and practical tips for trainers who are planning on delivering training programs globally. It prepares them to understand and anticipate the many differences not only in the culture and business practices of the specific country or region, but everything from the learning style and motivators of the global learner to what travel documents the trainer should bring and how they could overcome jetlag! The information is useful beyond training. It would be helpful for any traveler, particularly any business traveler."

Rosa Greenwood, Senior Director, Human Resources, Shure Incorporated

"Most of us who has done global training have done it by trial and error, now finally a book that gives us a road map for the process. Time, distance, cultures and language, just some of the challenges while training abroad. This is not just a wonderful guide for developing global training, but a great reference for skills and knowledge training, when working with audiences outside the US."

Jim Graham VP of Training & Development, RR Donnelley

"This book holds powerful culturally-sensitive insights into the distinction of different audiences combined with extensive practical tips and techniques. It is a "must have" reference guide for any global trainer."

Kathleen M. Leck, Executive Vice President, Lake Forest Graduate School Of Management.

"In a word, this book is comprehensive. It is detailed in a way that is not oppressive. The authors hit the mark by providing a readable step-by-step roadmap for success in training overseas. I was impressed by the research into various cultures around the world and to manage the training environment in that context."

Elliott Jones, Managing Director, AON

"This book completely redefines my concept of 'fluency' when training internationally. It's beyond the mastery of the language or an acknowledgement of a culture. It's the focus on preparedness, relationships, and adaptability. Every Trainer, everywhere, should read this book. I will never again take on a global training initiative without re-devouring this book beforehand."

Terrence Donahue, VP Instructor Quality, National Restaurant Association

"A master guideline for global trainers."

T. Somasekhar, chairman, Indian Academy School of Management Studies, Bangalore, India

"A must have reference for all global training professionals."

Chris Nims, vice president, human resources, Qualex Inc., A Kodak Company

"Rich with anecdotes and practical advice."

Sumit Deshpande, IT Industry Expert
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