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Sales management has changed dramatically in the past decade.
With increasing globalization and many companies adding more
virtual workers, the task of managing these diverse sales teams
has become increasingly complicated. In a connected and
evolving world it is hard to offer a definitive guide, but this book
strives to sketch out a blueprint for managing performance in a
changing sales landscape. Each chapter is written by a sales
professional and thought leader, many with experience in sales -
sharing their passion. Learn from their experience and utilize the
action plans at the end of each chapter to grow into a better
leader for your team, whether they are down the hall or across
the world. Contributors are: Terrence Donahue, Leonard Cochran,
Leo Tilley, Steve Gielda, Anup Soans, Claude Chadillon, Sandy
Stricker, Lou Russell, Joseph Anzalone, Alfredo Castro, Glenn
The Art of Modern Sales Management
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